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Vinsys is a globally acclaimed organization delivering training solutions, services, and products to enterprises worldwide. With its corporate office in Pune (India), Vinsys has a global footprint operationally with its presence in Australia, China, Denmark, Germany, Oman, Qatar, and Tanzania. Vinsys has been operating for over 17-years and has a known track record for churning out highly skilled and competent professionals. Vinsys assures through complete customer satisfaction and prompt service as its guiding principles.

Vinsys has spread its wings in the arena of Medical training services and solutions. And, the MRCS OSCE course is a step forward in this knowledge area. The purpose of this course is to equip aspiring surgeons over a broad range of surgical conditions and not just the area of surgery they hope to train in. Vinsys believes that many aspects of the different surgical specialties require the same core areas of applied basic knowledge and skills and that these are essential both for successful higher training and to achieve a surgeon’s full clinical and academic potential. This course has been designed so that participants can enhance their knowledge essential for clearing the MRCS OSCE examination.


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