Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Skills

Workers are always gone up against taking care of complex issues and settling on basic choices. If not dealt with appropriately, these issues can have extremely negative effects on activities and benefits. This Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Skills Course outfits directors with the correct devices and strategies to guarantee they will discover appropriate and changeless answers for issues and settle on ideal choices.


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Course Overview


Problems are a pretty common phenomenon for any organisation and we are always glad to see the back of the issues. In the face of difficulties, it is essential not only to take heart but also to take firm decisions for paving the way out of the tight spot. In this regard, problem-solving skills and decision-making skills go hand in hand. Take a look at our training on problem-solving and decision-making processes, which will illustrate and equip you with various methodologies and practices involved in a constructive rectification of problems and taking proper decisions.

Course Curriculum


LDP = Leadership Development Program

MDP = Manager Development Program

SDP = Supervisor Development Program

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Course Outline


Problem Solving Skills


Decision Making Skills


Analytical Skills


Be it a manager or a team member, a person possessing the ability to solve problems is always looked up to. In an organisation, issues always keep coming in varying magnitude, guise and repercussions. One of the factors defining the success of a business is its capability to overcome the hindrances and emerge with new vigour. Therefore, it becomes necessary to ensure that an organisation’s employees are experts at coming up with solutions for any given problem. Our training brings to your cognisance the different stages involved in the complete process of problem solving. This program can be customised to accommodate a variety of goals, depths, and competencies depending on your requirements.

Decision making is an integral part of everyday business operations and also has a vital role in problem solving process. It must however be noted that decision making skills come to play in numerous cases even in the absence of problems – e.g. decision making in management, finalising plans and strategy, innovation etc. to mention a few. Decisions (be they based on intuition, logic or both combined) should be taken in right time, any dilatoriness and your business is bound to miss the boat. Our training elucidates the detailed process for developing decision making skills. This program can be customised to accommodate a variety of goals, depths, and competencies depending on your requirements.

Analytical Skills are the propellant of problem solving and decision making processes. In addition to that, they improvise your business operations by enabling you to structure and synthesise data, understand patterns, and draw correct and beneficial conclusions. When you hone your analytical skills, you also develop all of its integral constituents namely data analysis, research, critical thinking, logical reasoning, brainstorming and creativity. Our training involves explaining the relevant theories and performing exercises, which are oriented towards imbibing analytical thinking in the candidates. This program can be customised to accommodate a variety of goals, depths, and competencies depending on your requirements. 

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